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Well i definitely have a boy then! I asked in the pet shop where i got my boy from there aproximate age, they said they normally get them about 15-20 weeks and i got my boy the day they came in. My boy (I measured him) is 5in but definitely has his 'lumpy bits' lol. My female if Thats what she is is half an inch bigger, much fatter and has a miles bigger head. 30 for your 3ft tank is definitely a bargain, Im hoping to find a good bargain too!
Anyone who fancies guessing the age of my babies any ideas welcome! Its just curiosity really. The ammonia seems to of gone from the tank and the water is lovely and clear. There both eating worms still and get equal amounts. Going to try and get some new pics now and attempt to post them i really should get on the pc but 3 kids say otherwise! Thanks for all your help!
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