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Originally Posted by FloGirl View Post
Thanks everyone, FloGirl does appreciate your comments. FloGirl was also considering a Boa but she knows these get bigger. Are these also ok for a new snake owner??
They can be, it depends on the owner. I'd love one and while I have a fair few years experience and have cared for one at college, I'm really small and light, so I don't feel comfortable putting the other people in my house in a position where they may or may not need to help me if I ever get bitten or take my eye off the ball. I am considering dwarfs though, so that may also be something you'd be interested in? On top of the other things I tend to have my snakes in as large an enclosure as possible, I'm already beginning to get a bit uncomfortable having my CB12 royals in 3ft vivs, and I know theres a large possibility they will spend their adult lives in 5-6ft feel comfortable owning a bcc i'd have to buy a new house so new owners need to look at the type of housing that is available and what they are comfortable using


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