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Gotta say though, it is slightly weird and a bit unsettling to read posts from someone referring to themselves in the third person all the time....especially in response to a direct question from someone! Pretty sure Shakespeare probably didn't......

I would second what other people here have said though..

If FloGirl is looking for a snake then she should find something she really likes the look of. There are plenty of eye-catching pictures in the "snake pictures" part of the forum. She should do as much research as she can on that particular beastie and then she should make her decision.

It's no good FloGirl going and buying a corn snake if what she really likes the look of is an Irian Jaya Jaguar Carpet Python or a Western Hognose! From what I can gather most of the readily available snakes should be comfortable in a 4ft viv provided their temps etc can be met.

Best of luck and I hope one day you can say "I" instead of "FloGirl"!!!
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