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If you are after something easy and hardy but can't decide if the standard Corn snakes and Royal pythons are for you, have a look at these.

Dione's Rat Snake (Elaphe dione) - these are Chinese animals, which are amongst the brightest and best looking in my opinion.

Shown below with a Twin-Spotted Rat Snake (Elaphe bimaculata), a closely related and just as hardy species.

Both Dione's and Twin-Spotted Rat Snakes are every bit as easy to care for as a Corn snake (in fact they are actually even hardier and will tolerate lower temperatures).

Captive bred animals are generally non-defensive so are not likely to bite, they remain nice and small (usually between two or three feet, if that), are active by day so can easily be watched in a terrarium and they are quite curious snakes. In my opinion these are amongst the most beautiful snakes out there.

They are also hearty feeders from the get-go so won't give you any problems in that respect!

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