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Sorry but a 2ft will not suffice (common misinformation!). The 4ftx2ft they require doesn't reflect their size but rather the thermogradient that they require. In a 2ft you can't possibly get their basking spot to 105-115F and the cool spot to around 75F - the space is just too small. This will result in either the beardy cooking and dehydrating, or not being able to digest it's food. You'll also be surprised as to how quickly these animals grow, their first 6+ months is a growth spurt - you'll need a new tank before you know it!

Lighting wise, you need a quality UVB and a separate basking/heat light. For the basking light I would go for a normal household bulb, halogen or spotlight attached to a dimming thermostat. This thermostat controls the temperature so that the tank doesn't overheat. This will need to be used in conjunction with a digital thermometer (analogue/dial ones are awful!).

The best UVB is Arcadia T5's (you'll need the highest percent, 10-12%) - they emit the most UVB, is as close as you can get to natural sunlight and the bulbs only need changing once a year. This should go 2/3 - 3/4 the length of the viv starting from the hot end. If you scrimp on this and get Exo Terra etc, your beardy will not get the UVB exposure that it desperately needs - potentially stunting growth and in severe cases MBD.

^ Hopefully this isn't too daunting, unfortunately there is a lot to think about when it comes to heating and lighting for these guys. Short cuts are likely going to make him suffer, so no expensive spared!
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