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Crickets are awful, I bought one tub once and never again. My BD wasn't particularly interested and up until a few days ago I was having to remove the damn things from her vivarium, they also had a tendency to nibble on the lizards if left alone.

I would recommend locusts/dubai roaches/morio worms/waxworms (as an occasional treat).

When your BD is a hatchling, you'll need to feed live food three times daily alongside veg once a day, so you will need a good collection. As somebody else said, Dubai roaches are great and they're really easy to breed which can save you some pennies in the long run.

Once they get to about 7-8months you can look at reducing their live feeds to once/maybe twice a day.

Then once they're adult (18 months +) it's a few times a week, although mine does admittingly get a little everyday.

I just keep mine piled up in the 'animal room'. I chuck in a bit of veg a couple of times a week to keep them gutloaded and healthy. Before feeding I dip them in some calcium/or nutrobal and I try to hand feed as much as possible to monitor eating.

They're quite a big commitment in regards to their age, costs of their food/heating, so be 100% before buying one as so many people give them away. It may be best to go through a rescue or get an older beardie as then you wont have to live feed as much? I got a rescue and she's brilliant.
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