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Originally Posted by FloGirl View Post
So FloGirl is new to the site and looking for her first snake but in unsure what she actually wants, so has come to RFUK to ask its lovely members for suggestions.
FloGirl has no experience with snakes so she will want something that is small, easy to look after and something she can actually hold. FloGirl will also need advise on heating, house size and feeding requirements for any suggested snakes.
FloGirl is only 15 and so she only has 10 a week to look after the snake and is unsure if this is even enough? How much does a snake cost to look after?

FloGirl looks forward to any suggestions and advice you have to offer and thanks you in advance..
As others have recommemded i think a corn or royal would be suitable as a first snake for you, if you read a few caresheets and get there setups you should be fine. Dont rush into buying a snake without research as that is were problems could occur.

Forget what some people have said on here. Most are actually helpful.

Keep us informed and if you need help just ask questions.

Welcome aswel

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