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10 a week is enough to keep a snake - especially if you don't have to pay for the electricity.

Frozen chicks are a lot cheaper than mice so when the snake is big enough you can vary their diet (a good thing) as well as save yourself some cash.

A male common boa should be ok in a 4x2x2. I have a male that’s 4ft, he's a good feeder but just doesn't seem to grow. But that’s a rarity - you really have to expect them to hit 6ft so he may end up looking a bit squidged in a 4ft viv. Dwarf Boas are smaller, but you may struggle to get one on your budget. I'm not sure though, I'm not too up on the pricing of dwarf boas. Sonoran boas are very pretty though.

Have you considered garter snakes? San Fran garters are nice. You have to feed these a fish based diet with the occasional rodent. This can be a benefit as a) you also get to eat the fish you buy and b) parents are less likely to object to frozen fish in the freezer.

As an aside: I don't give a crap whether you refer to yourself in the third person or first. Your post are intelligible which immediately puts you in a rare enough category.
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