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Originally Posted by FloGirl View Post
FloGirl thanks everyone for the comments they have written, both the nice ones and the not so nice ones and she will take them all on board.

FloGirl has been looking at thermostats today and realises there is more than one type so is confused again. FloGirl plans on getting a baby snake which she will first keep in a plastic tub and is wondering if she can use the same thermostat for the heat mat and then transfer it into the vivarium with a ceramic bulb
You should be able to use a pulse stat as long as it doesn't have a minimum load requirement
I keep my reptiles in vivaria, heated with ceramics. If you need set-up help, and can't find the answer here;
Setting up a vivarium with ceramics - Heating and Humidity
Setting up a terrestrial vivarium with pictures
Setting up an arboreal vivarium with pictures
PM me and i'll help if I can
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