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Originally Posted by Exzhal View Post
If you have a 4ft you might as well go with a beardie, perfect size for a full grown one

The bit I bolded is the only part of your post I do not agree with a 4/2/2 ft is minimum for a adult the bigger the better as you know they are very active and will use the space provided I don't know why everyone thinks a 4ft viv Is ideal ? It's a minimum people.

There are a lot of good care sheets on here have a read thought some, make sure you are the right owner for them as well as them being the right reptile for you.

They all have their own little personalities, which makes the all different, I have never had a bad experience with any of mine while handling, etc.

Once you have the correct setup for them (temps, uv etc) they are very easy going but will eat you out of house and home if you get a neonate, their setups can be expensive for the good equipment, I would set aside at leader 200 for the viv, uv, starter, reflector, thermostat, basking log, basking light, substrate, food & water dishes, thermometers, etc

If you get a used set up I would suggest changing the uv tube and reflector as some of these only last 6 months Arcadia last 12 months- the thing is you don't know how long the seller had it running, and uv "runs out".

And good for you wanting to rehome big sunflower.

I can't believe how cheap I'm doing him for now !!!
4 gene male dwarf Retic 400
This prices include full setup!!!!!

dwarf retic
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