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Default UVB light for beardie dragon

Been trying to find a uvb light iv been told the best on the market at the minute are the Arcadia ones but wasn't sure if this is all down to personal preference's if the repti glo or exo terra are they just as good?
Also could you give me the exact name been shopping around and tbh there are a lot to choose from I will need the highest % I think 10-12% for my baby beardie about 12 weeks old?
and then the basking light could people give me the bulb and watt so again I can do some shopping around, im not using a red heat light I don't think as my house is pretty dam warm I think possibly to warm so thinking against the heat mat and red bulb :s peoples advice would be great as im a new beardie owner the breeder Im getting him/her off says she just uses the light stripe and bulb and as a breeder I must admit this must be fine for them any way thank you in advance xx
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