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ah this is brilliant thank you iv found a Arcida uvb as its the ones im after being the best but if I send a link would ou check it out see if its the right one don't want to order the wrong thing haha its the 15" I think im after
Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamp 12.0 Flourescent Tube - ALL SIZES | eBay
I actually think this is the wrong one because it say T8 not T5 but im having trouble finding a T5 one :S ill keep looking thank you so much for your advice its great ill get a lower watt bulb possibly 80watt?
yes the heatmat and red bulb is just for night time use lol so I was just doing away with them and just having heat throught out the day.

My tank I no is small (for an older beardie) but iv just built it not for a beardie originally for a leopard gecko but after much debate and as a first reptile want something that isn't nocturnal for one and was between the gecko and bearded dragons any ways babbling on there.... so my tank is only 2ftx15x15" so I no its small but its only for the first few months till I start on the new viv the breeder herself said it should last quite a while and will be fine but I am going to make a 4ft vivarium. we have worked the lights out and such and everything fit.
hope this makes sense again thanks xx
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