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As blue has said that's the UVB you want.

You started a thread a while back about your setup and mentioned your 2ft vivarium. A few us of did reply stating that you cannot use a 2ft viv for a BD regardless of age. The reason a viv this size is recommended is more down to the temperature gradient that needs to be provided rather than the space for a BD. They require a very high basking spot 105-115f and then a cool end temp of 75f ish, this is impossible in a 2ft viv. You will either have to allow your basking temp to suffer in order to stop your BD from overheating and dehydrating but this means that he hasn't got high enough temps to digest food. Or you allow your cool end to suffer by having a high basking temp so he can digest food but then he cannot cool himself down and will overheat and become dehydrated.

Either situation will cause ill health, trust me you need a larger viv even if he's only a couple of inches himself.
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