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Originally Posted by Big sunflower View Post
Hi All

We'd like to get a lizard as a family pet, and are busy researching all our options. I'm so impressed with how much helpful stuff is on this site!

We have space for a 4ft viv, but are trying to decide between Rankins or a Bearded Dragon.

I know the beadies are bigger and more colourful, but is there any major difference temperament - wise? Which would be better as a family pet for my kids to handle? (supervised, obviously!)

Also, is it better to get a pair or keep a solitary animal? If we go for a pair, what gender combination is best?

Finally, we'd much rather rehome than buy from a pet store - any general advise regarding this?

Thank you in advance!

Big Sunflower
I haven't read all the replies because I'm too lazy but for your situation I'd recommend a BD. as far as I'm aware both can be as tame and calm as each other but rankin's are usually more skittish/restless which may be distressing for a young child and/or the rankin's. Finally if you want to rehome there are tonnes of BD's without loving homes whereas rankin's are much rarer and can be difficult to find from breeders let alone trying to rehome.

However, if you're looking to keep a pair then it'll have to be rankin's as BD's are solitary animals.

Good luck and I apologise if this has all been said, as I said I'm too lazy to read tonight!
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