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Originally Posted by ashleighsuzanne View Post
that is alright isn't it I have found bits separately cheaper thou on ebay, also I can only find a T8 in 15" do they have them in T5 15" cant seem to find them also anyone no the cheapest place I can one from?
again thank you for helping
Idk if they do a smaller one, I know the 2ft is the 24w tube... but for a small 2ft viv you will need a 1ft tube. Not sure if they do one.. Again... John??

As for it being cheaper on ebay.. 3ft tube - 25, starter - 25, reflector -15.. Thats 65 compared to 55 for the Arcadia slimline set up. (not sure of prices for the smaller products)

I work for Buxton water so i'm not trying to sell this to you, Its just fairly new out and I wish it was avaliable when i set up my viv otherwise it would of been my choice
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