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Originally Posted by ashleighsuzanne View Post
i just like to say I wasn't ignoring any responses I got in that thread I post a while ago... I actually contacted to breeder whos a breeder just to say I didn't think my viv was big enough after what you had said which I mentioned to her and she still said no its fine :s so I was very confused as to what to do regarding the viv she said it will need changing in a few months but its fine for a baby one weather her babys are in with there mum or in a similar viv size as mine im not too sure :S, I don't want you thinking I was ignoring your response and still doing my own thing that's not what I was doing I also was concerned my size wasn't great and just double checked and she still said it was fine but didn't want to sound to her I was telling her she was wrong as im not and expert at keeping them and she breeds them you see, sorry if its come across that way It was my intentions to make you think I was ignoring hat you had said sorry.

Its hard to know who to trust when you dont know yourself coz we could tell you anything and you would have to believe it.. One thing I will say though, the breeder is trying to sell beardies and make a profit. We have nothing to gain by giving incorrect information. The people of this forum come on here and give (most of the time) good advice for free because of our love for reptiles. It sounds to me that the breeder wants to sell you one before you either change your mind or find another breeder, hence the reason why you have been told a 2ft viv will be fine for a couple of months.. What you are in escence being told is to take one now, it will be 'ok' in a 2ft viv but it will need changing pretty soon. By this time you have already speant 50 on a Uv set up which will need replacing in a couple of months time and potentially cost you another 50 because you will need a bigger starter to deal with the bigger tube and also a bigger reflector.

And when I say a 'couple of months' I actually mean 2 months. After 3 months your beardie will of grown so much that a 2ft viv will physically be too small for him as well as the heating side of things. My opinion - Save money by doing it correctly right from the start and also that should cut out all the risks ill health due to incorrect heating!
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