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Originally Posted by ashleighsuzanne View Post
Oh no I agree I don't want to risk the health of the little guy I think my viv needs to be bigger thou, just a shame iv built this one a bit small so gutted i can't use it lol, no I'm going to look into extending it some how so iv not wasted money making it may make another size as it only cost 27 to make so make another then join the two together and make an arch way for both rooms essentially, does this make sense lol? Like join another viv on the side and then cut a door way (big arch) I could put a picture of the viv up? X
That makes perfect sense and will work fine. You'll have to cut a hole for the uv tube to stretch across too but that won't be an issue. As long as the archway hole is large enough to allow the temps to settle correctly. Otherwise you may end up with a really hot hot side and a really cold cool side. Although I think you'll be ok. Get me?
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