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Originally Posted by ashleighsuzanne View Post
Yes I said to my partner maybe she want to just get rid of them which is upsetting to think she would just let it go into an environment that isn't suitable just for profit! That's not on if this us there intentions , however I agree with this it's my first reptile and want to do it properly and have a happy chappy rather then a miserable unhealthy thing because if false information, it is hard when your told one thing and some one days another and in my guy tells me my viv isn't quite big enough aswell I agree with we're your coming from. I really do appriciate all your advice it's extremely helpful and tbh I'd feel awful if I got it knowing it wasn't suitable . Defo going to see what u can do with this viv if I can extend it any way
About this ^^

Unfortunately the bearded dragon market in the UK is saturated, pretty much to the point of 'if its not a baby then you cant give them away for free'.

Because of the increase in amature breeders, a lot of incorrect information being given just to get rid of them. The thing about this forum is that each thread is read by maybe 20+ people. If you get given incorrect information by one, you will have a shed load of other people come along and correct it. Just remember that no question is a daft question, and if in doubt give us a shout (lol I just made that up I think)

Anyway sorry for putting a downer on your plans but like I said, we care about the animals walfare so we felt like you needed some better advice
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