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Originally Posted by bluemoon1502 View Post
About this ^^

Unfortunately the bearded dragon market in the UK is saturated, pretty much to the point of 'if its not a baby then you cant give them away for free'.

Because of the increase in amature breeders, a lot of incorrect information being given just to get rid of them. The thing about this forum is that each thread is read by maybe 20+ people. If you get given incorrect information by one, you will have a shed load of other people come along and correct it. Just remember that no question is a daft question, and if in doubt give us a shout (lol I just made that up I think)

Anyway sorry for putting a downer on your plans but like I said, we care about the animals walfare so we felt like you needed some better advice
Plus we have shares in all 4x2x2's. no, I kid of course!
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