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Originally Posted by bluemoon1502 View Post
About this ^^

Unfortunately the bearded dragon market in the UK is saturated, pretty much to the point of 'if its not a baby then you cant give them away for free'.

Because of the increase in amature breeders, a lot of incorrect information being given just to get rid of them. The thing about this forum is that each thread is read by maybe 20+ people. If you get given incorrect information by one, you will have a shed load of other people come along and correct it. Just remember that no question is a daft question, and if in doubt give us a shout (lol I just made that up I think)

Anyway sorry for putting a downer on your plans but like I said, we care about the animals walfare so we felt like you needed some better advice
It's a shame some breeders maybe need to rethink what there doing and concentrate in welfare of the babies rather then the money side and makin profit suppose they think well iv gr my money so what ever happens I guess which is grose it's horrible thinking there are actually people out there like that. Shouldn't be allowed pets.
Ah no worries I'd rather how my plans on a downer for a day then have one unhealthy beardie dragon but hopefully I can sort my viv out so it will work and ill take that little baby dragon on and give it a fab environment and look after it properly an like you said this site is fab for information ad advice had I not have been in here well I'd have one unhappy beardie for a while, it's a great site. Xx
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