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Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
Unfortunately there are so many BD's that this results in so many bad keepers. BD's are also so easy to breed and also produce many eggs that they are the perfect (how ironic!) breeder rep. With so many poor keepers owning them (usually 2 or more to a viv) this results in gravid beardies which they can make a quick buck from. Unfortunately in most cases breeders of BD's are in my experience poor keepers.

Now let me just state that I am in no way calling any BD breeders on here poor keepers, in all honesty I'm talking more about so called 'breeders' locally to me not on here. Thankfully the only breeders I know of on here are well established and I have no reason to question their husbandry. I am also not stating anyone that keeps pairs or more of BD's in one viv as a bad keeper. I know this can be successfully done with the right BD's and the right keeper.
I agree especially after the false information I was given its so worring there might be poor bd in the same situation because certain breeders wish to make a quick profit like you said easy to breed and easy to get money!
Like you said there are breeders in this site that are fab breeders and do everything right and when it comes to selling there babies making sure who there going to has correct viv s and lighting and asking about there viv regarding lighting and giving the people advice about how to feed and such before giving them away, thinking if it when I spoke to my breeder about the lighting and what bulb to get knowing the arcida is the best I said a reptiglo and she just said... "Yes" and that was that nothing else regarding anything lol so no wonder I was posting so many questions I had no idea at all as they never explained anything, so this is what I call a breeder that needs to rethink why she's breeding not just to make money .

Anyway back up my stupidly small my partner has gone over it all and yea he says he can do it but have 2 sheperate doors as we need to leave a support beam were the viv ends because it won't be sturdy I really hope this makes sense as I didn't get it for a little while :p but yes should work, I hope :p tommorow involved me and b&q x
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