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Originally Posted by gonzo2012 View Post
ohh i see,the nutrobal dusnt mention having d3 in it though?one suggestion on the internet was to use pure calci dail,calci dustd3 and nutrobal 1-2 a week?i have a bowl in there and he has been in a little washing up bowl of his own and seemed fine just tried bathing incase he was dehydratedas he dusnt seemto use water bowl.
also read on another site never to bath at all as damages their lungs
All those different powders is a bit overkill. As we're talking about a beardy, they should get most of their D3 from the UVB (providing it's all correct) instead of supplements. So I would use Nutrobal a couple of times a week with beardies.

I think there's laws about the whole D3 thing, so they are only labelled as vitamin D. Nutrobal definitely contains D3.

Most beardies don't appear to use their water bowl as they get most of their water from food. Unless he looks wrinkled and has sunken eyes I wouldn't bathe too often (but that's just me). Bathing shouldn't damage their lungs unless it's so hot it's steaming.
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