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Default General questions about beardie care

Hey Reptile forums

First off I've always been an animal lover, I have been contemplating getting a few Tarantulas and Reptiles for a while I figured I would start off with a beardie as they seem to be good for beginners anyway, I have a few questions, sorry if this is in the wrong section.
Would it be OK to get a viv suitable for an adult beardie but use a splitter to half the beardies living area until he/she gets bigger?

I was reading and it seems Penfolds shop seems the way to go. What size viv would I need for an adult beardie? I thought about making my own, but seeing as I'm a novice I'd rather buy an already made one.
I just basically need a list of everything I need for my beardie to live a happy life. Perhaps some good links on taking care of them? Any information is greatly appreciate even if I haven't asked for it.
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