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HI All,

so sorry for the delay :-( v busy at present.

ok lets clear this all up.

You really dont want T8! it just wont re-create a wild index at the depthn that you require.

You DO need to look quickly at getting a bigger viv. You will never maintain a thermal gradient for a desert species in 24". Now a gradient from hot to cool and light to shade is ESSENTIAL to the D3 cycle. without access to these thermal gradients it is unlikley that the D3 cycle can fully complete.

the slimline T5 fitting is ideal as it comes with everything that is needed. A nice slime fitting, all the electronics built in and the reflector. We even give you the right lamp for FREE that saves over 30.00 on its own.

However in your case where you are going to have to increase the size of your viv it maybe better to get seperates as the controller has clever tech that allows you to use longer lamps without having to buy a new unit.

so i would buy an ACRE1U5. this is a 24-39w single controller. This will run either a 24w 22" lamp or a 39w 34" High Output T5 lamp.

then get a FD3P24T5 D3+ 22" lamp. depending on teh actual size of you viv it may need to go slightly corner to corner accross the roof. if teh viv is 24" internally then it will go in.

The ALRS24 which is a 24w reflector.

or even easier and if you are going to buy a lighting upgrade when you upgrade the viv Tom is right the UVFLOOD is simply fantastic. It is D3+ 12% in its output and only 30cms long. It again is plug and play with all electronics, Flood reflector and the again the lamp for free. here is a link D3 UV Flood Lamp : Arcadia Reptile

if you are going to keep the small viv for a while the flood is the best bet. You can then also fit it into your bigger viv and use it as a wide basking zone alongside a longer T5.

i hope that this is clear, if not please let me know!!

good luck

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