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Originally Posted by madozza View Post
Thanks for your advice. I get really suspicious about advice from stores that just want you to spend your money! I dont mind keeping one on its own as long as it us best for them. Both my beardie and corn are on their own and are healthy and happy. Would you say that gecko set up is similar to that of a beardie.?
Most people round here tend not to trust shops for that exact reason (as well them spouting misinformation). Obviously I'm generalising here as not all shops are like that, but best to be a bit sceptical.

Beardy and leos tend to be housed in desert theme tanks... that's about it as far as similarity goes they have different temperatures, recommended heat sources are different, slightly different diet, different setup size, leos can survive without UVB lights etc etc.

These are good care sheets >

Home - Moon Geckos
Leopard Gecko Care Sheet - Classy Collection Leopard geckos
Leopard Gecko Care Sheets

Try to get information from as many sources as possible though, don't take just one as gospel
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