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Dragons are so different, some prefer live food whereas others prefer their greens. You're still new to these individuals so it'll take a bit of time

Wednesday isn't long at all, there is also brumation to consider. There are plenty of threads in the lizard section about this if you're interested.

If you're able to, put a picture up of the setup and a bit more information - then people can give you some pointers. Important things to mention are:
- Temperatures (particularly basking and cool temperatures)
- Are the temperatures controlled?
- How are the temperatures measured?
- Details of UVB (source, brand, age, percentage, size)
- Size of setup
- Substrate
- How long you've had the dragon
- Typical diet
- Supplements

It's a lot I know, but all these little things are important in making sure these guys are happy and healthy!

As they seem to be housed together, I would definitely consider getting another vivarium and splitting them. This could be another cause of his lack of appetite. If it is indeed a male-female pairing, it often results in dominance issues, injuries, eggs and generally ill, unhappy dragons. They may appear to be fine but it's often little looks and body postures that we don't see that show us there is a problem.

Yeah... I wouldn't go feeding them cheerios it is American and they do some odd things over there!
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