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Originally Posted by Philippa View Post
Thanks. ill do that later then. When I got them (as a present) I was a bit concerned with the tank as it hardly has anything in it, just the two lights. I was going to change the UVB light anyway as not sure how long its been in there and know they have to be changed regularly.

The are male and female. They have always been together. Their previous owners couldn't have them anymore just simply due to persoanl issues. But they have always been together since very young.
They still need splitting really. One beardie will always dominate over the other and you'll have one unhappy dragon even if you don't notice it (which most can't notice it if you're new to keeping them). The most common sign of dominance, which far too many people misplace as affection to each other, is one sitting on top of the other - the one on top is the dominant one and isn't allowing the other to get the best basking spots, less food in some cases, and forcing the other to hide away.

There's a lot of advice I can give but I'd need to know all the information vgorst asked for in the other reply, but none of it is even worth giving if you won't split them because either way you're gonna have an unhappy and eventually a very unhealthy beardie.
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