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If you're able to, put a picture up of the setup and a bit more information - then people can give you some pointers. Important things to mention are:
- Temperatures (particularly basking and cool temperatures) I cannot even see what the temperature currently is in the tank. I have ordered a temperature gage so I can see what this is.

- Are the temperatures controlled? I cannot see any kind of temperature control on the tank. The only thing there is, is something for the UVB light.

- Details of UVB (source, brand, age, percentage, size) One of the problems with this tank, I cannot get into this to see what source, brand, percentage it is. Same goes with the ceramic lamp in there. I have no idea how on earth to get into this tank properly, will have to switch things off to be able to get in there to see it.

- Size of setup Looks like a 4ft tank.

- Substrate I believe it's beech, that is what I was told to get.

- How long you've had the dragon Only a couple of days

- Typical diet The only thing I was told (as I didn't get them myself) is that they have their pellets, crickets, mealworms. I don't know anything else that they have been eating. Wish I had at least seen the people that they came from as I could've asked a lot more information.
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