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Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
Which one is which (particularly in the last 2 pictures)? To me it looks like one is dominating the UVB (i.e. the one sitting closer to top of the branch). It's not just heat that they will compete for.

It does look like an overhaul is needed. Their tank looks too small (possibly a 3ft they're in now?), different substrate, thermometers and thermostats, better UVB. I know this isn't down to you but it looks like you (and your purse) might have your work cut out!

Can't really see their condition in those pictures though
Vinnie is the one on the branch. He is the one that hogs this. Zabba normally sits on another wooden log, but for some reason she is sitting on him which I haven't seen her do before - normally the other way around. I think I will just have to get the credit card out and buy them something new. Was looking at Care Sheet for looking after your Bearded Dragon and they do have some in there. I wasn't prepared for them, so havent been able to plan anything for them, as if I knew they were going to arrive I would have got all of this sorted out!!
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