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I'm afraid it sounds like it would be easier to start from scratch with these guys - if the tank they're in is already a 4ft x 2ft then it will be easier to separate if you wish.

Shopping list for a standard tank:
- 4ft x 2ft x 2ft viv
- Light bulb (can be a normal household, spotlight or halogen) + fittings
- Thermostat (for a light-emitting bulb a dimming stat is best suited)
- Digital thermometers (I'm afraid dial/analogue ones are beyond useless)
- UVB, reflector and starter (the best UVB around is Arcadia T5's, you would need a 12%. Also if you do split them up there are dual starters so you can run 2 tanks off the same one, they're also much more cost effective)
- Substrate wise is down to you, some prefer play sand, lino, slate, tiles. Have a nosey around and see what would be best for you
- Supplements (you'll need a multivit (Repashy calcium plus is good) and calcium powder)
- Your decor (bowls, branches etc)

And that's all I can think of atm.


Originally Posted by Exzhal View Post
Like I said, they need splitting. Bearded dragons live alone in the wild and only come together to mate. No point me wasting my time explaining things if you can't sort out the simplest thing first.
You're being rude.

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