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Originally Posted by Exzhal View Post
If someone comes to ask for advice but ignores the advice given it's not really worth giving more. Beardies should never be kept together under no circumstances. You can check my post history I've given a lot of advice for these lizards in the past and have kept and bred them for years before moving on to lizards last year, I'm after the welfare for the animals and if he/she wants that to they to split them up to avoid possible casualties in the future.
How do you know your advice has been ignored? They questioned what we said, that's fair enough if you are new to the animals, not once did they say 'I'm keeping them together whatever you say'. We're throwing a lot of information her way in a short space of time. What do you expect her to do right this second? Especially as she didn't realise she was getting them.

If you didn't notice, I also suggested splitting them up... before you did actually. I also suggest splitting up beardies and other species on a regular basis, your point being?


Originally Posted by Exzhal View Post
That's fair enough but you haven't mentioned anything on it, either way they need splitting, far to many people join this and other websites I'm on and out right refuse to split up beardies even with 10+ people telling them it needs to be done and it gets tiring
I think a large problem is the large amounts of crap information out there, along with shops. The link the OP posted also suggested keeping them in groups, a well-known and recommended reptile shop. Shops say it, so it must be law...right?

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