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Originally Posted by Philippa View Post
People may join the website and do what you have said, but no need to be rude when all i'm doing is asking for a bit of advice. I am trying to get as much information as possible to make sure they live a long and healthy life. I am just getting confused when a website I was told to visit to get advice on how to care for them states to have them together etc but I come on here and told they can't be together. I haven't ignored anything you have said but when you come over aggressive then why would anyone respond to that?

I will be getting something new, because the photos I put up in the photo section clearly shows that this vivarium is not suitable at all. With the beech wood chips, again that particualr website at Northampton Reptile centre state that's what they would advise is used.
Sorry again mate

From this picture in your albums

They do actually look really healthy which is a good thing, if you decide to start over with a completely new viv one piece of advice is don't go for Pets at Home "Bearded Dragon Viv for Life", a lot of new owners get these but their dimensions are sadly way off what a life time viv should be, I'd recommend just going for a basic 4x2x2 and installing the light fittings yourself

VivExotic don't make 4x2x2 anymore with their new range but you can get the same size from BlueLizardReptiles for about for about 130 I think it was
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