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Originally Posted by vgorst View Post

The problem with shops (even good ones) is, at the end of the day, they need to make a profit. If that means selling 2 beardies (with the chance that things won't work out) and having the owners come back to get a brand new setup... well then they are the winners. For that reason (and a few others) I don't really take advice from shops, experienced keepers are the way to go To be honest, I've never seen a care sheet written by a shop that I'd follow down to the letter (or maybe I'm just a fussy bugger )

People also have this idea that they need company. The only time you would see these guys together in the wild is fighting, mating and possibly sleeping (to conserve heat in the freezing night temperatures in Australia). But people want them to have company, which often leads to problems because they don't understand their nature. Also with the hope of breeding or saving space, again not for the dragons own good I'm afraid.

To live a long and healthy life, separation is actually the easiest way of doing that. Beardies can live together 'successfully' (as in not trying to attack each other and breed to death). This, however, would require a huge tank, multiple basking spots and UVB tubes and loads of food - this is difficult to achieve. They're a bit like children, always want what they can't have or what someone else does have. This results in dominance and aggression. I could send you some horrific injuries from beardies that have fought each other over resources - it's not pretty and I doubt something that you ever want to deal with!

Again, substrate is down to preference. I've told you my reasons for not using it but go have a research about substrate. In my opinion, if you can eliminate a risk, with no downsides then take it! It doesn't happen very often in this hobby. Something like slate or lino can't be swallowed but is also very hygienic and easy to clean. It's up to you.
Looks like my present is going to cost ME a lot of money Ah well. With the subtrate, obviously I don't want to give them something that is going to harm them, so will look at alternatives.
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