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Unhappy leopard gecko in trouble. need vet

does anyone know of a reptile vet in the Newcastle area?
my leopard gecko is unwell. although i will be taking her straight to the vet i wonder if anyone can give me advice in the mean time...

Zazu my female leopard gecko who is one year and half old has recently not been eating as much and lost a bit weight (nothing dramatic). she regained her appetite but has suddenly stopped eating altogether and became very skinny. this evening when looking at her she refused to open her eyes and they looked kinda sunken in.

as far as her appetite goes when she was eating she ate crickets (she wont tolerate mealwolms)and the odd waxi as a treat. ive tried a powerade bath, using natural yogurt and tried changing the supplier of the crickets to try and temp her.

She is housed with another female which they have been for the last 6 months. there has been no obvious signs of bullying.

any help would be appreciated and if anyone could advise on a good reptile vet in the newcastle area.

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