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Originally Posted by RubyTiger View Post
I'm in Newcastle and your best bet is Robson and Prescott. Their Morpeth branch deals with exotics and are very good with reptiles and amphibians *thumbs up* A few reps tend to get a bit sluggish and lose appetite around winter time as they can brumate. Could be a possible reason
I dont think your dealing with gecko that is burmating. It sounds more serious, and the weight loss+ not opening her eyes sound serious to me. It is good that you are taking her to a vet, but I would also advise you to seperate your geckos because of 2 reasons.

Firstly, one of your geckos seems to be ill, you dont want the other gecko to be infected with the same disease.

Secondly, even females can start fighting or bullying, and a reason for weight loss might be due to stress between them two. The other gecko might be more dominant which made it impossible for the other one to feed.

Anyway I hope your gecko is ok, and make sure you ask the vet to check for parasites via a feceal check.

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