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Default Leopard Gecko Vision


I have recently got my first leopard gecko a couple of days ago and am worried about his vision. He is a five month old male and was purchased from my local Pets at Home store. Since Wednesday he has settled into his new home well and seems to be happy. This morning he started eating for the first time and again this evening - having about five crickets each time. The only problem that concerns me is that the gecko doesn't seem to be able to see the crickets - even when they are moving slow or fast - or if they are very close by. He didn't realise a cricket was right underneath his head for minutes and minutes.

Apparently a test to check blindness is to put the gecko in a completely dark surrounding and then flash a light around the gecko. The pupils should pupils constrict and when I tried this with my gecko they did. He hasn't got a problem noticing some movement from me and has no problem finding his way around the enclosure but he often puts his nose to the ground - perhaps to try and follow the scent of the crickets? Even then he quite often goes in the wrong direction etc.

Many thanks for any advice in advance.
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