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Just uploaded some pictures from facebook, let me know if you cant see them or whatever.

No thermostat for heat lamp, I have the mains switch for both the heat and UV lights on for 14hrs/day. Bulb is 100w daylight basking bulb.
2 UV bulbs running the length of the viv, one is 10.0, the other is 2.0. Both 30w, both UVB.
Two digital thermometers too, tested accurately against a mercury thermometer.

He looks like he is basking, but he doesnt move at all all day, literally have to move him myself. He has cress and sort of mushed up apple without the skin, both calcium dusted lightly. Im only finding it odd because of the dragons he was with in the pet shop were all moving around and were lively, this guy just isnt at all. Odd for something so young
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