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Exclamation This may hel!

Originally Posted by pedders View Post
Hi guys, first post here.

My beardie young, not sure how young, body is about 7cm long excluding head and tail. Could be a boy or a girl too, but either way, it's called Steve.

I got a new beardie last week (14th Jan) and bought the pets at home 200 4ft viv with shelves and a starter kit (heat lamp, UV lights etc) and set it up and popped him in. Everything went well for the first few days with Steve and the temps/timings. The temp gradient is roughly 31Cmin and 38Cmax in the hot end and a steady 24/25C in the cold end. With it dropping to about 15/16C at night.

Problem is, he now sits on the bark under the heat lamp all day and all night (lamp off at night) and doesnt move, not even for food. I havent seen him bathe/drink since i got him either. He usually either sleeps all day, or sits with one eye open and one shut. He doesnt react to people coming in the room, and i have touched him before without him realising I was in his viv despite me not being sneaky at all. He sleeps or at least is inactive all day.

Crickets literally walk on top of him and he doesnt even flinch or look at them all day. He barely moves all day and I'm worried about him and can't really take him out to a reptile shop or vet or anything because of the weather. Any advice at all?

Appreciate it, Pete

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It could be a number of things, I myself have encountered similar problems with my beardie.

For starters I would always use a digital thermometer as said above the analogue ones are cheap, but you pay for what you get and they're a very inaccurate way or gauging temperature.

Also the one eye shut thing could be one of possible options, my beardie had a tiny amount of substrate in the corner or his eye which was obviously irritating him. Have a look and see if there is something there, then it's just a case of a cotton bud and some Luke warm water then gently wipe the eyelid and around the eye.
It could also be that the basking spot light it too strong, mine was on too high of a wattage in regards to the size of the viv. I was recommended a 100W spot light for a 3ft Viv which is more of the strength used in 4ft vivs.

The ignoring food could be that he/she is just not hungry or you're trying the wrong food. Mine doesn't take crickets, never has. But locusts hell chomp away all day. Mealworms are also a good alternative to engage a feeding response or some fruits. My bearded dragon has a very sweet tooth and gets an extremely rare treat of raspberries which he never turns down.
It could also be impaction which can be serious, it's basically where he/she may of digested too much substrate and is therefore constipated, a shallow bowl of Luke warm water is needed then rub it from the underside of its neck down to the base of its tail, that sometimes will free up anything blocked.

Also the night time temperature should be a little higher, you'd ideally want around 20 degrees Celsius. Have you got any way or raising the night time temp? Whether its just the room it's in or possible placing it closer to another heat source.

Also I wouldn't worry about not seeing his bathe or drink, it's very rare to see a beardie drink, I know people who have never seen it. Mine took 3 years before I finally saw him take a drink, it's not down to hydration, it just depends how much fluids they're getting from their greens.

I really hope this has helped as I know first hand there's nothing worse than worrying about a pets health problems as you feel lost.

Any problems then be sure to put them on here, there's always someone with the knowledge to help.

hope the lil guy/gal gets better
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