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I had a quick for substrate in the eye, but couldnt see anything. He is switching eyes all the time so I doubt it's a single eye thing, if that makes sense? It's more like he's asleep and just waking up rather than anything else.

I have a 4ft viv and 100w bulb that is housed outside the viv on a piece of mesh, I've been told to try remove the shelves and hang the heat lamp inside the viv to see if he changes at all. Is this a good idea?

Tbh, I'm more worried about his lack of interest in live food as he is so young, crickets are literally on top of him and locusts are bobbing about round him too, he just doesnt seem to be bothered about them. He doesnt take greenery either, or what I've tried at least. Are raspberries a good thing to try for a young beardie?

On impaction, he did dive off his shelf onto a cricket yesterday and eat about a million kgs of calci sand and desert sand at the same time, but he still poo's. There's been 3 in 24 hours. Could that be the after result of a blockage that has cleared?

Night time temp is harder for me to adjust, other than putting blankets over the viv or leaving the heat lamp on (which isn't ideal). Would a suitably covered heat mat on very low temp work instead? Covered with thick enough substrate or cloth to avoid burns?
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