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Right, ok that ticks that one off the list then does he have a hide at both ends? Somewhere to escape from the brightness of the heat bulb but still feel the benefit of the warmth?

Ah I know what vivarium you have now, it's a new range of vivexotic I believe. It's meant to be top notch. Glad to hear its not a glass tank, they can't hold heat at all. I personally wouldn't remove the shelves, all reptiles have it in their system to thermoregulate their body temperatures so if he gets too hot, he will move to the cool end

Have you tried mealworms at all? Most lizards can't refuse them, not good for a staple diet down to the fat content in my opinion... But everything is ok in moderation. I initially started To put them under his greens to try and get him to eat and raspberries my beardie loves, I think it's the colour and sweetness. Could maybe worth a try.

3 poos in 24 hours sounds alright to me, what's it like? Giving disgusting details, is it mostly brown with some white or is it dark. Can you notice Anything in its poo?

Heat mats inside the vivarium even if covered safely are a no-go in my opinion as they do dig sometimes and they can easily burn themselves. I would put it underneath the viv and probe for the night time temperature
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