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Yeah it is exactly that viv, with two shelves in. The basking lamp is over one of the shelves, and there is space underneath this shelf which gets no direct heat at all so I imagine this would be okay for cooling off? Also the higher shelf in the cool area doesnt get direct heat and is a good few degrees colder so this should be okay too?

I started his food as locusts, but they were huge, they were literally nearly as wide as his body never mind his eye gap. However, he loved them and did a box in about a day. Then I changed to smaller locusts which are about the right size, and he has barely been through half a box in 4/5 days now. I got crickets at the same time too, he does like them, just doesnt eat many of them and is so uninterested by them when they are in his viv. He isnt a fan of greenery so I'll try berries tomorrow and mealworms too. Are supermarket berries okay? Or should I wash them first?

From what I've read, his poo is fine. Solid, dark and with a little white tip, so calcium intake isnt bad. There was a locust leg in it the other day, but I thought nothing of it. It's slightly liquidy, but still solid. Much less liquidy than a bird poo if that's a good reference? He has done two more in the last hour or so though.

On the heat mat subject, how about a heat mat in a hot water bottle cover, so he couldnt dig through? Or is underneath the safest way to go? How would he know to go onto this part of the viv too? They dont detect temp very well through their bellies do they?

I turned his UV off a couple of hours ago to see if his eyes were being 'burnt' by them, but he still is 'asleep' however, I did hear him moving about, which he hasnt done all day whilst the UV has been on.

Also, I just noticed a cricket is sat on top of his head between his eyes. He really isnt bothered at all by them being in there. In the pet store, the dragons go crazy when they see food. Am I worrying about nothing and is it possible he's just stressed?
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