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Originally Posted by pedders View Post
Okay cool, that's good news. I will get a thermostat tomorrow and put it in. the thermometer has a probe on which is about at the same height he basks at. So I should move the bark closer to the heat source so he is nearer 40-45C?

The problem with moving the bark closer, is that he would be even closer to the UVB. As the bulb is outside of the tank (and it's pretty cold atm) you may even need to up the watt temporarily. However, if you do this you must have a thermostat beforehand.

How do I adjust the UV light situation then? Just move his basking spot further from the bulbs? I have two bulbs as the starter viv kit came with both and said to use both. I should take these both out and install an Arcadia T5? Would that help a little?

Unfortunately [email protected] 'starter kits' aren't the best. To give this guy the best, T5's are really the way to go. Everyone who has changed to these bulbs notice a difference in their animals almost instantly.

I'll clean his viv out tomorrow and make all these changes, is there a more natural looking good subtrate? I really like the look of the sand that's all. But obviously, eating is more important. Would washed rock/pebbles be okay?(obviously bigger than he is)

Atm I would just go for something safe that cannot be swallowed. It doesn't have to be long-term, just until he starts feeding. I wouldn't go with pebbles, as he grows the pebbles may not be large enough. Also they would be difficult for him to run across and could trap a leg or toe if they were dislodged.

I dust all his veg with calcium powder, and occasionally his live food. I was planning on getting worms and putting them underneath some cress or something with calcium dust on top. Would this work?

Putting mealworms in with the veg is a good way into tricking them into eating it. However, you do need some kind of multivitamin supplement too (Repashy Calcium Plus or Nutrobal). Most of the foods we give our animals are deficient in some vital vitamins and minerals, which is why a multivit supplement is also required.

His heat lamp is on a timer and has just gone off, he is now hugely active by comparison to day time, he is scratching in the back corner of the viv, like he's trying to get out or something. Do they become more active before they sleep, as with human babies do? His eyes are now both open too, and he's digging a sort of pit in the sand under the shelf. It's almost like he's the opposite of a normal dragon it seems
I haven't really experienced them becoming more active before they sleep, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. If his eyes are both open I would venture a guess at the UVB being the problem.

It's not so much a lighter colour, its just gone more dull, I didnt even know they shed if I'm honest, so I'll bathe him every day or so and see what comes out of it. Unnecessary bathing isnt a bad thing it?

Unnecessary bathing is a bad thing, especially to a young beardy who is already stressed from a move. I would only bathe him if he has issues with dehydration or shedding. As I said, becoming dull is more due to cold or stress.

It's on a sort of mix of desert sand and calci sand as I've been told calci sand isnt a massive problem if some is ingested, clearly that was wrong though haah! I will treat him for impaction too, see if it helps. I imagine the handling will be good for him and me too.

Shops tend to quote what the packet says. Calci-sand is not digestible, it clumps and if anything encourages animals to eat the substrate if they are deficient in calcium. When bathing, do not massage his belly. Imagine if massive hands came up and squeezed and 'massaged' your belly, especially if there's compact material in there. It's going to hurt and cause more damage than good. By all means bathe him, just don't 'massage'. Handling could freak him out even more, but that's a call you have to make.

Appreciate all the help so far guys, thank you!
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