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It's really not a good idea to house two beardies together - there will nearly always be a dominance issue, if not actual violence. One of your beardies will be denied the best basking, enough food etc, as well as being stressed and unhappy which opens the way to health problems.

If you have a male and female, once he's mated, he'll keep pestering and harassing her for sex. They can get a bit nasty about it sometimes.

In the wild, they are solitary animals, only getting together to mate. They really don't need 'friends' or 'companions'. If you're new to reptiles, it's often easy to miss the signs that all is not well between your critters - until one of them seriously suffers - and it's often sudden.

I hope your hubby's not got too far with his viv build - it's probably best to rethink. Sorry. (Though a 7ft viv would be wonderful for a beardy).

Edited to add: The usual advice would be to separate your beardies into their own vivs (or rehome one of them), but a 7 ft viv that's also a decent depth might have scope for two basking spots etc. making it a less risky proposition if you really wanted to try and keep them together. You'd still have to be prepared to dive in and intervene if things still turn iffy though.

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