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I haven't had them long. I have 2 thermostats on both sides that usually read around 80-90s. They are about 4-5 years old. I'm feeding them 30 mealworms every 3 days. I feed the mealworms potatoes and carrots. And im going to stop using the basking lamp once I know I am able to use my 16w heating pad and just leave that on 24/7. Also I got them as a trio and they were housed together before I got them but I took one out. The two that are in the tank still get along always. They sleep side by side with no problems and I make sure to feed them separately. I have a small tank that used for the other female I got because she was skinny when I got her. So I assume the other two didn't really accept her so I'm waiting until she is healthy then I was planning on putting my 2 females together and having the male in his own small tank
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