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Are you using something to control the temperature of your heating equipment? They are referred to as a 'thermostat' and look like this:

The above thermostat can be used for a bulb heater, and is called a 'dimmer stat'.
If your going to be using a heat mat you'll need to hook it up to a 'mat stat' (there are other thermostats you can use, but a mat stat is cheaper).

Personally, i don't like to feed my reps mealworms as they have half the protein/fat etc of crickets:
55.3% protein
30.2% fat
0.23% calcium
22.3% protein
14.9% fat
0.26% calcium

But this is a personal preference. Will the under weight female feed from a tongue? If so, i'd swap the male for the thin female and feed her via a tongue so that you know shes getting a good feed, but then again, this is personal preference and im sure someone will be of a different opinion.

Also, you need to decrease the temp on one side as you cant have both ends with a high temp as they will not be able to 'thermoregulate'. You ideally want 1/2 to a 1/3rd of the vivarium with a high temp including a 'hot spot' (upto 90F) to bask and the other end lower with temps of the higher 70's upwards.

What size is your viv?

Originally Posted by Reptiles666 View Post
I haven't had them long. I have 2 thermostats on both sides that usually read around 80-90s. They are about 4-5 years old. I'm feeding them 30 mealworms every 3 days. I feed the mealworms potatoes and carrots. And im going to stop using the basking lamp once I know I am able to use my 16w heating pad and just leave that on 24/7. Also I got them as a trio and they were housed together before I got them but I took one out. The two that are in the tank still get along always. They sleep side by side with no problems and I make sure to feed them separately. I have a small tank that used for the other female I got because she was skinny when I got her. So I assume the other two didn't really accept her so I'm waiting until she is healthy then I was planning on putting my 2 females together and having the male in his own small tank

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