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Originally Posted by shebby1966 View Post
what sort of set up should they have,as i want to make sure they are happy and looked after properly
For your situation I recommend two 4x2x2 vivariums (of if you don't have the room or funds to set up two you'd be best to re-home one of your dragons and keep your "favourite" one)

For each one you need:
  • Ceramic bulb fitting with a 60w bulb (normal light bulb) + bulb guard
  • A hide/somewhere to sleep inside or under and get into shade
  • Various decorations to climb on/under/whatever
  • A water bowl
  • A dimming thermostat attached to each bulb
  • An appropriate substrate on the floor, the best to use is ceramic tiles fitted directly onto the flooring as they give no danger to the dragon like some other substrates do, they look nice and very easy to clean.
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