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Default Crestie Setup Questions

Hello there! Just some questions regarding setups and requirements that I was hoping someone could help me out with (I've never owned a reptile or had any experience with reptiles, but I've done my research and decided to start off with a Crested Gecko )

Enclosure - I've been reading that Cresties need relatively high humidity and a lot of height in their terrariums. I started looking around for a glass enclosure but soon realised how expensive they are! I know Cresties are small animals, but I would really like to buy a large enclosure for a decent price as opposed to a small one for like 50. Initially I checked out some flexariums from Exo Terra and Lucky Reptile, but read some bad reviews about their build quality so decided not to go that route. Currently I have my eye on the extra large Reptibreeze by Zoomed ( Link ) Would this be okay for a Crestie? I'm aware it doesn't contain water vapour as well as glass but I'm in a position where I can monitor them most of the day, every day.

Also, what sort of vegetation would you recommend? I would prefer to use live plants where possible. Are there any I should stay away from?

Food - Is Repashy CGD an absolute must? Or are other brands such as Komodo's CGD just as good? Do I have to worry about supplemental calcium at all ? Aaaaaaand, could I feed locusts in place of crickets?

Lighting - I've read in a lot of places that Crested Geckos don't require additional lighting, but I couldn't find out if it's actually bad for them if you do. I personally find the winter months totally depressing with the constant lack of sunlight! I'm no reptile ( I think ) but sunlight has a pretty profound effect on animal behaviour, both big and small, so I'd rather provide additional lighting even if just to make them feel a bit perkier. Currently I was looking into a 15 Watt 2% UVB compact florescent bulb. Could this be beneficial? Or bad / no effect?

Temps - Is the enclosure to be kept at room temperature through out or should I create a gradient? (what would be the best way to do that?)

Phew! I think that's it. Either way I'll stop there to be kind to you
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