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Enclosure - buy a 45x45x60 exo terra terrarium. seriously its the best thing for them especially when trying to get your humidty right. The mesh will also be damaging to the cresties feet.

FOOD - repashys !! by far the best CGD on the market you can use clarks as well but repashy is my first choice. Would stay away from komodo its not as good.

LIGHTING - if you have natural light that is more than adequate however i would recommend a UVB min 5% to help with growth and ive noticed with mine that my cresties with UVB look brighter more colourful and colour contrast compared to some that dont have UVB at present.

TEMPS - i would say a ceramic bulb on top of mesh in a dome - that way you can get a nice thermal gradient going. my temps are 22-25c during the day and 18-20c at night.

I hope this helps

Anything else just holla


Originally Posted by Kerrabutt View Post
Hello there! Just some questions regarding setups and requirements that I was hoping someone could help me out with (I've never owned a reptile or had any experience with reptiles, but I've done my research and decided to start off with a Crested Gecko )

Enclosure - I've been reading that Cresties need relatively high humidity and a lot of height in their terrariums. I started looking around for a glass enclosure but soon realised how expensive they are! I know Cresties are small animals, but I would really like to buy a large enclosure for a decent price as opposed to a small one for like 50. Initially I checked out some flexariums from Exo Terra and Lucky Reptile, but read some bad reviews about their build quality so decided not to go that route. Currently I have my eye on the extra large Reptibreeze by Zoomed ( Link ) Would this be okay for a Crestie? I'm aware it doesn't contain water vapour as well as glass but I'm in a position where I can monitor them most of the day, every day.

Also, what sort of vegetation would you recommend? I would prefer to use live plants where possible. Are there any I should stay away from?

Food - Is Repashy CGD an absolute must? Or are other brands such as Komodo's CGD just as good? Do I have to worry about supplemental calcium at all ? Aaaaaaand, could I feed locusts in place of crickets?

Lighting - I've read in a lot of places that Crested Geckos don't require additional lighting, but I couldn't find out if it's actually bad for them if you do. I personally find the winter months totally depressing with the constant lack of sunlight! I'm no reptile ( I think ) but sunlight has a pretty profound effect on animal behaviour, both big and small, so I'd rather provide additional lighting even if just to make them feel a bit perkier. Currently I was looking into a 15 Watt 2% UVB compact florescent bulb. Could this be beneficial? Or bad / no effect?

Temps - Is the enclosure to be kept at room temperature through out or should I create a gradient? (what would be the best way to do that?)

Phew! I think that's it. Either way I'll stop there to be kind to you
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