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Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. Unfortunately it died over night . I have been back to the pet shop n screamed the shit out of that guy. He apologised many tines but it will not bring my little gecko back. In a way im happy it died becayse i wouldnt be able to take its life myself. It was a poor advice but as we learn from our mistakes im not going to listen to anybody. It was healthy and the egg was huuugee. If i left it it would have surely be an amazing little girl . Incubeted n wished it was a girl at least otherwise id had to sell it or give it away. Ive got another egg but that one is very new so it wont hatch untill probably ebd of march. One thing that guy at the pet shop learned is that he should never guess when giving expert advice.. He was very close to sleeping with the fishes...

Again thank you all
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