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Try all of the above (my corn is at 30, but he likes it a bit cooler. I often find him in his cool end.)
If none of that works, you have a couple of options:

Braining - Slit the skin on the mouse's head, snakes are attracted to the smell of brain matter.

Lowering food size - Take her normal meal, and buy a few of the size below. Feed her the size below what she's usually eating, especially if she looks skinny. It can be a way to start her eating again. You can move her up again when you feel she's ready.

Scenting - Do you keep any lizards? You could try rubbing the mice on the lizard (expect your lizard to not be amused)

Try chicks. If she eats chicks, then they're a viable food. I would be happy to get a non mouse eater onto chicks. Going from chicks > jacketed mice> scented mice > mice would be viable.

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